To make North Sydney a better place to live, work and play - today and tomorrow by working collaboratively and harmoniously as a united Council listening and responding to all our communities.

Our Commitments

CommUnity 1st is committed to Good Governance, Community Development, Traffic Management, Social Inclusion and Major Projects.  CommUnity 1st will listen and act on behalf of the community.

Good Governance

  • Work cooperatively as a united Council;

  • Operate openly and transparently in the interests of ratepayers;

  • Regain community trust in the elected Council;

  • Put the needs of the community first and truly represent the local interests;

  • Deliver strong financial management;

  • Restore open and transparent communication with the State Government.

Community Development

  • Ensure sporting and leisure facilities are affordable and accessible;

  • Promote town squares and village centres across the Council area to give focus to community and business activities;

  • Actively promote a North Sydney Harbour Foreshore tourism precinct around Coal Loader, the Sydney Harbour Highline and Platypus;

  • Revitalise community consultation via the Precinct system and social media;

  • Invigorate North Sydney’s CBD to encourage more arts, entertainment and leisure options for residents and visitors.  

Traffic Management

  • A complete review of the North Sydney Council’s parking strategy to ensure it meets the needs of residents and businesses;

  • Audit North Sydney’s traffic management plan – both vehicle and bicycle – to improve pedestrian safety;

  • Adopt a vehicle parking policy aimed at aligning car parking in new developments to the needs of residents and customers.

Major Projects

  • Create a technology and innovation hub within the North Sydney CBD;

  • Establish dialogue with the State Government to minimise any health, wellbeing and open space impacts of the Northern Beaches Tunnel;

  • Continue to fight for a better outcome for Cremorne and Neutral Bay residents and businesses impacted by the B-Line project;

  • Engage with the Government to keep the Cross Harbour Tunnel construction confined to the foreshore and not on residential streets;

  • Create a community and commercial vision for Platypus and work with the authorities to implement it.

Social inclusiveness

  • Access for all – commit to a comprehensive disability and accessibility universal design plan;

  • Undertake a review of all aged care facilities in the local government area;

  • Develop a policy for child care facilities accessible to our community;

  • Empower local youth with a 2025 futures resident strategy;

  • Work with State Government to minimize over development and provide green space, cater for older population and provide health and wellness facilities;

  • Address the demand for before and after school programs;

  • Commit to a long term across-Council review of all policies impacted by the North Sydney’s changing demography.

    A vote for CommUnity 1st is a vote for a better North Sydney