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Efi is a respected business woman and has had a long corporate career in leadership roles of large multi-national firms is Australia and the Asia Pacific region specifically in the areas of Nutrition and Health, Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility.

As a local resident Efi is concerned about the implementation of cycle-ways in Cammeray creating traffic hazards for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, showing a general lack of planning to address traffic and parking across the ward. Efi would like to see North Sydney Council develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain and minimise negative impacts to our limited precious bushland and expand our green spaces for the enjoyment and use of our community. Efi believes the Council must work with the State Government to minimise the impact of major infrastructure projects, prioritising health, safety and well being while providing excellent amenities for local residents.

Efi’s passions are social innovation and sustainability and seeks towork with our communities (business and residents) to establish innovative social programs and sustainable amenities for our diverse community.

Efi holds a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition and a Graduate Diploma in Management. While living and working in Asia she worked with disadvantaged communities to reduce malnutrition. She has also served on the Board of the Gawler Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation providing support for people with cancer.

She moved to North Sydney about 4 years ago and currently runs her own consulting business.